Kissable Body Shimmer


Taste as good as you look and turn your body into a walking aphrodisiac with this edible shimmering body powder that’s kissably delicious.

Available in three fabulous shades:

Cocoa Bronze – A sexy bronze sheen that’s subtle enough for every skin tone. Best of all, its scrumptious and rich flavour smells and tastes exactly like a decadent bite of sweet chocolate.

Marshmallow Gold – A seductive and sunny golden hue and toasted marshmallow flavour gives every skin tone a golden glow and makes you taste just a little bit sweeter. Sweeter and more kissable that is. .

Candy Pink – This fresh, cotton-candy scent lingers on the skin with a pink fairy dust shimmer. It’s kissably delicious and leaves tiny pink sparkles on all your luscious curves.



Dust Up will make your skin feel as soft as cashmere and has a gorgeous super-fine sparkle that looks like crushed diamonds.

Add a sexy sparkle to your gorgeous curves- use the soft puff to add a sexy sparkle to your gorgeous curves – just across your shoulders, décolleté and anywhere you want to be kissed.Dust some on for a foxy night out. Or dazzle your curves for a frisky night in. Either way, you’ll be good enough to eat!


Cheeky Tip: To get the best results, simply apply on damp skin, and enjoy the soft, buttery feel and sexy shimmer.

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